imatge pilar i montse

I run the floral Department.

In our work, take into account all the details so that the creation is perfect, decorative materials, textures and the latest trends in the market.

We use materials of the highest quality both in natural plant artificial flower and its decorative elements to create harmony between them.

All of our floral compositions are unique, direct out of our imagination.

We were inspired to create EXCLUSIVITY.

They say that stand out by our great experience, for our originality when it comes to decorations with natural and artificial flowers.

I run the Interior Design Studio, and in it we project the emotions of our customers and we create spaces through the personal feelings.

We are a team of young and enthusiastic, we love our job and we transmit it.

We work designing spaces that propose, be it hotels, restaurants, stores, private homes, it gives us the same thing, because they are all important.

In them we documented us, we studied distributions and functionality, decoration and modus vivendi of the property to project the best result.

The union with the pillar Department, is the perfect to finish all our projects in detail, with affection and sensitivity, because after finishing a project, the relationship that we got with our customers is a friendship.